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10 Best Things to Know

Phuket is a surprisingly diverse place so it is wise to find out what you can about the island to make the most of your time there. Learning how to get around can be very useful and knowing about your Phuket accommodation options will also be advantageous to you. If you are looking for some fun once the sun has gone down, then knowing where the best night spots are will help you to have a great time.

The weather is, of course, one of the most essential ingredients of your holiday so make sure you are well aware of the seasons so you can be sure of being in Phuket at just the right time.

Phuket Weather

When most people think of Phuket, they think of pristine sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs and glorious sunny weather. As a tropical country, Thailand is a haven to sun seekers from across the planet and Phuket’s beaches are often full with people that are looking to top up their tans.

Phuket Villas

For many people, the notion of the ideal holiday is being waited on hand and foot in luxurious surroundings. Having all dishes prepared and served for you and having room service so you can get whatever you like delivered to your room is something that most of us deserve once we get the opportunity to take a well-earned break. For some people, however, as luxurious as a 5 star hotel may be they don’t always offer the sense of privacy that we would like. 

Phuket Nightlife

Thailand is famous across the world, notably for its fantastic beaches and corals reefs, golden temples, a delicious cuisine and warm welcome. These are things that have had visitors coming to Thailand and Phuket in their droves over the years, and reasons many visitors choose to return time and time again. Another thing that many holiday makers look for on their holidays is the chance to let their hair down and have some fun once the sun has gone down. 

Phuket News

Although the main language of Thailand is Thai, and the Thais are not generally known for their English language skills, the country has a large English speaking expat community living there. Destinations such as Phuket are home to many foreigners that have left their home lands for the opportunity to live in paradise and their new homes are often well geared up to cater to them.

Phuket Map

Getting to Phuket is very easy with access by air, sea or by land bridge. Phuket international airport even allows direct access to Phuket from other countries making holidaying on the island very convenient to visitors. The island is well inter-connected with a modern road network and it is easy to reach destinations by car, motorbike tuk-tuk and bus, although some of the more remote locations can be more of a challenge to reach.


Phuket Hotels

Whether you have a limited budget for your holiday and you need to compromise on your accommodation, or you have a more flexible budget and you can choose whatever you like, Phuket is the place to go. Phuket Island has a wide range of accommodation options that can cater to people on all budget levels and as an island that is well accustomed to catering to visitors from all walks of life, people from all backgrounds will thoroughly enjoy their holiday on Phuket.

Phuket Holidays

Located in southern Thailand, Phuket is the largest of all of Thailand’s islands and has been attracting tourists from far and wide for many years. Visitors are drawn to the island by the tropical climate, fantastic beaches, the welcoming Thai culture and the naughty nightlife. As one of the main tourist destinations in South East Asia, Phuket is an island that attracts both budget holiday makers and higher end holiday makers alike. 


Phuket Beaches

As an Island, Phuket has a lot of coastline and it is this coastline that has made it the tourist haven it is. Surrounded by the warm Andaman Sea which is rich in corals and marine life and soft, white sandy beaches with luscious green backdrops, Phuket is a location that is found on many images of paradise getaways. Phuket’s beaches are arguably its biggest attraction by far and when the weather is fine, you will find throngs of sun seekers laying on the beaches soaking up the sun.

Phuket Airport

As an international airport, Phuket airport receives flights from across the world and is Thailand’s second busiest airport. Passengers on flights to Phuket airport will land in an ideal spot from which to explore the stunning natural beauty of Phuket and other nearby regions such as Krabi. Every year, almost 3 million passengers pass through Phuket airport and the majority of those will be Thais and foreigners visiting Phuket and elsewhere in the nearby region for a holiday.


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