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10 Of The Best Phuket Hotels

There is a great range of accommodation in Phuket, ranging from basic budget accommodation to resorts that are among the finest on the planet. Many hotels on Phuket have a range of facilities and some of the resorts are so well equipped that you could be excused for not venturing further into the island. A range of prices mean that anybody should be able to find something they can afford whether you are looking for a pack-backing trip or something more luxurious. With just a little shopping around, you will find the hotel that is perfect for you and your family.

Holiday Inn Phuket

Holidays are all about an opportunity to take a break from work, refreshing your mind and body and taking in the local sites and there are far fewer places better in the world to do just that than Phuket. Even the stunning tropical island of Phuket, however, can’t always guarantee you absolute peace and quiet because even on holidays the kids can be very demanding. Having to constantly supervise your children and make sure they are fed and well taken care off can mean that you are never able to relax as completely as you would like to. 

Twinpalms Resort Phuket

Often referred to as the land of smiles, Thailand is a place renowned for its warm welcome and fun loving people. The Thai people are something that draws visitors back to the country year after year and the Thai’s simply love accommodating visitors from far and wide. It is unfortunate, however, that when staying in the lap of luxury it is possible to miss out on such admirable characteristics, but the Twinpalms Resort Phuket has a mantra of training their staff to maintain their friendliness and good humour.

The Racha

Ask anybody what they would choose as a holiday destination if they could choose from anything they like and the chances are they would say a beautiful tropical paradise island. An island with lush tropical forests, white sandy beaches, crystal clear warm waters and glorious weather is something that some people can only dream of, and Racha Island helps those dreams come true. Located South of Phuket Island, Racha Island is a dream holiday destination will leave you agape as you witness the beauty it has to offer. 

Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi

The most beautiful sights, sounds and smells in the world are bought to us by Mother Nature and the Six Senses Hideaway at Yao Noi takes us into the heart of Mother Nature’s best. The island of Yao Noi is located in Thailand’s Phang Na Bay, considered by many to be Thailand’s most beautiful natural destination, which is quite some accolade from a country that has so many stunning natural sights to discover.


Sala Phuket Resort

For many of us the ideal holiday will mean being in a beautiful location with nobody else around for miles, being able to walk along a pristine beach with the family and barely seeing another soul, almost as though you were stranded on a desert island far away from civilisation. Such a dream may sound unrealistic but thanks to the Sala Phuket Resort, the dream can come true. Located on Phuket’s almost deserted Mai Khao Beach, you will find yourself in a place that is the very definition of the term ‘peace and quiet’.

Renaissance Phuket

Thailand is renowned for its magnificent beaches and at the Renaissance Phuket you’ll find yourself staying at one of the best. Away from the crowds and the hustle bustle of Phuket’s built up tourist hotspots such as Patong, you will find a completely different world. Mai Khao is located on the North East coast of Phuket and is not as developed as Phuket’s other tourist destinations, meaning you and your family will find yourself experiencing what serenity really feels like. 

Novotel Phuket Resort

If you are looking for luxury accommodation just a stone’s throw from where the action is, the Novotel Phuket Resort is the place to be. Located in Phuket’s tourist haven of Patong Town, the Novotel Phuket is where you will find all the action so you will never be short of anything to do. Set back in the hillside the resort offers a unique opportunity for privacy in a town that is known for its bright lights, large crowds and all day action.


Le Meridien Phuket Resort

Situated on a secluded beach known as relax bay, you already have an idea of what to expect from Le Meridien Phuket Resort Phuket. A holiday at Phuket’s Le Meridien is all about relaxation and being spoilt rotten throughout your stay. The beach at relax bay is something you would be right to expect on a picture postcard and the warm, inviting waters of the Andaman are almost impossible to resist. 

Banyan Tree Resort

If it is absolute luxury you are looking for on one of the world’s most beautiful natural paradise locations the Banyan Tree Resort Phuket is hard to beat, literally. Ranked 2nd among resorts throughout Asia and 8th in the list of all resorts on the planet, you know that you will be staying in the lap of luxury and will have a time you will never forget. As a resort that is able to boast such esteemed accolades the Banyan Tree should be high on the list of anybody’s considerations.


Amari Coral Beach Resort

When visiting any destination in the world that has fantastic views to be enjoyed, you will want whenever possible to have a view that takes full advantages of the views available. One problem is that it may not always be possible to have the best views and you may occasionally find yourself with a view from your hotel that is not particularly pleasing to the eye.



So many beautiful hotels in Phuket, I don't know how you've managed to narrow it down to just 10 : ) When I try and find a hotel to stay at I inevitably find myself looking at the swimming pool and using that as my main decider. My favorite memories of my holidays have been relaxing around the pool. But such a hard choice to make with so many wonderful places to stay in Phuket.

Regards Rob.

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