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Phi Phi Island Thailand

A masterclass of envious clear blue waters and powdery sandy beaches, bordering formations of stunning limestone cliffs make the impressive Phi Phi Island a joy for all that grace it’s idyllic shores. Located south east of Phuket and nestled between the enchanting waters of the Andaman Sea, Phi Phi island is Thailand’s most famous.

Phi Phi island is made up by a group of Six paradise islands. Phi Phi Don is the largest of all and the only inhabited. Anyone who wishes to visit the islands for more than a day has to do so by staying here. Protected under the Koh Phi Phi National Park, due it’s rewarding birds nest business and the second biggest of the islands is Phi Phi Leh.

Many have known about the photographers dream Phi Phi Islands for some time. However in 1999 when chosen as the setting for the adaptation of the Alex Garland novel The Beach, the Phi Phi islands recognition across the world sky rocketed. Whilst hitting the headlines in 1999 for positive reasons, in 2004 it couldn’t be any more negative. On Boxing day of 2004 a tsunami almost single handedly destroyed the beautiful island for good. Many lives were lost and resorts, restaurants and other buildings completely washed away as a result of the effects.

The high season runs between November and April and is generally when the are at there best. Hot dry days, are the norm on the island as boat loads of visitors arrive on the island each day. Ferries to Phi Phi island during this period run from all across the Andaman coast but most frequently from Phuket and Krabi.

As you arrive at the sole entry point of Ton Sai Pier on the island, you are likely to be greeted with agents or touts offering you accommodation on the island. Be warned they make there commission out of what extra they charge you on top of the normal room rate. To avoid paying over the odds for , it is advised to pre book something before arrival. This applies even more so during the high season when rooms fill up very quickly and become limited. Expect to pay more per room in Koh Phi Phi than any other island in Thaland, but in comparison to other paradise islands across the world, Phi Phi islands are still not expensive.

You are spoilt for choice with the amount of stunning beaches in Phi Phi islands. Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh attracts day trips from Phi Phi Don and further a field each day. The main beach is around 200 metres long and surrounded by a magnitude of coral and marine life in the clearest of waters. You will have to charter a long tail boat or take an organised trip to get there.

The Andaman Sea is dressed in an array of multi coloured coral and underwater creatures. So much so that scuba diving in Phi Phi islands is renowned across Thailand. Divers of all experiences take the waters each day and sitings of Rays, Leopard sharks, Lobster are just a few of the magnificent sites you will see. Such is it's popularity that day trips from Koh Lanta and liveaboard stays from Phuket come to the waters each day. On the island itself, there are a number of dive shops willing to take you on a fun dive, help you get certified or allow you to snorkel around the reefs.

If your a lover of seafood you will adore the restaurants in Phi Phi island. All around Ton Sai village and other beach front areas seafood is definitely the star attraction. Western and Thai favourites are also readily available on the island so regardless of your preferences you are never to go hungry.

With whisky buckets and beers in full flow the nightlife in Phi Phi Island is never tame. Once the sunsets the island gets into party mode with the bars around Ton Sai Village attracting more than half the island to there tables. Dance until the small hours of the morning or for the brave take on a local Thai boxer, these are just some of the ways unto soak up the evening fun on Phi Phi island.

Despite the ups and downs the island has had to contend with Phi Phi is still the shining light of Thailand. Those that have been fortunate enough to visit to Phi Phi island find it very hard to leave.


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