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Phuket Airport

As an international airport, Phuket airport receives flights from across the world and is Thailand’s second busiest airport. Passengers on flights to Phuket airport will land in an ideal spot from which to explore the stunning natural beauty of Phuket and other nearby regions such as Krabi. Every year, almost 3 million passengers pass through Phuket airport and the majority of those will be Thais and foreigners visiting Phuket and elsewhere in the nearby region for a holiday.

At the northern most point of Phuket island, the airport is well connected to the island’s road network and transportation is readily available to take you to where you need to go. If you are heading to the mainland then there is a land bridge nearby that traverses the thin stretch of sea between Phuket and the mainland from which you can explore the rest of the country. The airport has hotels very nearby which make for a convenient place to stay should you need it and nearby beaches also allow passengers to relax while they are waiting for their flights.

If you are staying at Patong, you should expect a metered taxi from the airport to your hotel to cost you in the region of 500 baht and the journey should take you approximately 40 minutes. Trips further south to Karon beach, Kata beach and Nai Harn beach will take a little longer, although you should not expect to pay more than 1000 baht for any destination within Phuket. You all also find minibuses from the airport and these will cost you considerably less, although you may have to wait for some time until they have enough passengers before moving off.

Although not a large airport, Phuket airport is modern and has plenty of facilities and services available to passengers. The airport has duty free shopping so that passengers can kill some time as they are waiting for flights and a restaurant will help make sure that nobody has to go hungry. You will also find car rental services should you prefer to drive around Phuket Thailand, yourself rather than rely on taxis to get around. You will also find tour services so visitors will be able to arrange much of the holiday itinerary to help them get organised for their break. If you need to change some currency to the Thai baht then look out for the exchange counter which will change your money for you.

Getting to the airport from your hotel is also very easy and most hotels should be able to arrange transportation for you. If the hotel doesn’t already have its own shuttle service to take guests to the airport, they should be able to call a taxi for you to make everything as convenient as possible to you.

Although a tropical island, Phuket has modern infrastructure that will help to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The airport is in keeping with the modern nature of Phuket Island and is very convenient for locals and tourists alike.  


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