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Phuket Beaches

Beaches and Hotspots in Phuket
As an Island, Phuket has a lot of coastline and it is this coastline that has made it the tourist haven it is. Surrounded by the warm Andaman Sea which is rich in corals and marine life and soft, white sandy beaches with luscious green backdrops, Phuket is a location that is found on many images of paradise getaways. Phuket’s beaches are arguably its biggest attraction by far and when the weather is fine, you will find throngs of sun seekers laying on the beaches soaking up the sun’s rays. There are a number of popular beaches on the island, and most of them can be easily reached by road.

Patong Beach
Located at Phuket’s main tourist centre, Patong Beach is a long strip of white sand that runs along the front of the town. Located on one of the island’s most heavily populated areas Patong beach is generally the busiest beach especially during the high season. There is plenty to do on Patong beach with plenty of water sporting activities to enjoy. With Patong town nearby you can take a break from the beach whenever you feel like it to do some shopping or perhaps get something to eat. If you would rather have something to eat while relaxing on the beach, you will find vendors selling a variety of local foods along with some ice creams that will help cool you down.

Karon and Kata Beaches
Lying to the south of Patong beach are the Karon and Kata beaches. Both beaches are family orientated beaches and because they are not located on a resort as densely populated as Patong, they experience fewer visitors so there is much more space. Karon beach presents a great opportunity for shopping in the many arts and crafts stalls and shops in the area. Kata beach is popular among surfers thanks to the excellent waves that roll in between May and October and once the sun goes down, there is a lively nightlife to enjoy albeit not as hectic than that on Patong.

Kamala and Surin Beaches
North of Patong the beaches generally become more exclusive with fewer people about, and with high class hotels and houses in the vicinity. Kamala beach often has waters that are very calm making it ideal for people that are looking to relax although there is also a suitable snorkelling spot on kamala beach. Surin beach is the next beach along from Kamala and is popular among the local Thai people as well as foreign tourists.

Mai Khao Beach
If you are looking for a beach that has been relatively untouched by man, head to Phuket’s Northern most beach which is close to the airport. With just a few small resorts on which is Phuket’s longest single stretch of sand, you will find the beach blissfully deserted and although it is just a few kilometres from Phuket airport, you will hardly hear a sound other than the waves gently rolling up on the beach.

Other Beaches
Phuket Island has many more beaches to explore and you might consider hiring your own transportation to visit them. Some of the more remote beaches may be difficult to access and may not make a suitable destination for people that are not completely able bodied. If you would like to explore the less visited beaches of Phuket Thailand, you should be able to find a map that will let you know where you can find them.  


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