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Phuket Fantasea

As a tropical paradise island you would expect much of the island’s activities to be beach and sea based, and you will not be wrong. Visitors come in their droves to take in the gorgeous natural scenery and to top up their tans but not everything on Phuket is about the beach and the weather. Phuket also has lots to offer the visitor at night with a wild nightlife, plenty of shopping opportunities, great restaurants and something really quite spectacular Phuket Fantasea. The 140 acre site is an extravaganza of entertainment that the whole family will find amazing. With a theme based on Thailand’s rich and colourful culture, Phuket Fantasea offers something that you really will not find anywhere else.

The Similan entertainment centre is packed with fun and games that will keep children of all ages entertained for hours on end. With an emphasis in fun, the only downside is that there will eventually be a time to leave. The centre also has some great shopping so you will not go away empty handed. For even more shopping opportunities visit the carnival shopping street where you will experience a totally unique shopping experience. While browsing through the many fantastic local products on offer, visitors will also be taken on a tour of Thailand’s heritage of architecture, and arts and crafts.

The Golden Kinnaree buffet restaurant, which seats four thousand people, provides delicious meals in a magical setting. For finer seafood meals, the Suriyamas seafood buffet restaurant provides a 5 star dining experience in regal surroundings of golden statues and highly ornate fittings. Guests’ senses will continue to be delighted by the songbird luminarie which lights up to provide a beautiful feast for the eyes, while also leaving visitors immersed in soothing bird song.

Perhaps the biggest crowd puller of the night is the Palace of the Elephants theatre, which can hold 3 thousand people. The theatre is host to the Fantasy of a Kingdom show, which leaves guests in amazement of such a spectacle. The show is a celebration of Thai culture and history with the stars of the show arguably being elephants that make an appearance on stage. Fantastic effects, daring aerial ballet feats, pyrotechnics and awe inspiring stunts all help to make for a show that you will never forget.

Phuket Fantasea can become very busy during the peak periods so it is advisable to book well in advance whenever possible. A range of different ticket options are available ranging from very basic packages to more advanced packages that allow you to experience all there is to see and enjoy the best dining Phuket Fantasea has to offer. Transportation packages are also available so that visitors don’t need to worry about how to get to their hotels one the show has finished.

For a night of entertainment and discovery that you will not find anywhere else, Phuket Fantasea should be on the must do list of anybody’s itinerary. No matter whether you are young or old, Phuket Fantasea will provide a memorable evening for anybody that visits.  


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