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Phuket Map

Getting to Phuket Thailand is very easy with access by air, sea or by land bridge. Phuket international airport even allows direct access to Phuket from other countries making holidaying on the island very convenient to visitors. The island is well inter-connected with a modern road network and it is easy to reach destinations by car, motorbike tuk-tuk and bus, although some of the more remote locations can be more of a challenge to reach.

Many visitors to Phuket will arrive via the airport, which is located to the north of the island. Visitors arriving from road will also arrive in the northern part of the island as this is where the land bridge that connects to the mainland can be found. Phuket’s main port is located in the South East close to Phuket town, although smaller ports and marinas can be found located in other parts of the island. No matter from where you may first arrive at the island, transportation to your final destination will rarely take much more than an hour or so.

If you are visiting Phuket for a holiday to enjoy the fine weather and tropical beaches, you are likely to be staying along the Western seaboard of the island. Beaches run all long the Phuket’s Western coastline and with them the island’s major tourist destinations. The northernmost beach, Mai Kao Beach, is one of the island’s longest and least developed, and is only a few kilometres from the airport. The southernmost beach is Nai-Harn Beach, which is where many visitors flock to see the sunset below the horizon in the evenings. Along the West coast Visitors will find Patong beach which is the islands main tourist destination. It is in Patong that you will find the heaviest concentration of accommodation in Phuket as well as the island’s major nightspots.

Although many visit Phuket to visit its glorious beaches and to experience the local culture and hedonistic nightlife, the island has plenty more to offer. If you head inland, you will find a haven for golfers with professional 18 hole Golf courses with excellent facilities. National parks allow visitors to get closer to nature and elephant treks will take you through thick tropical rainforest on the back of one of the majestic beasts. Inland Phuket is also where you will find stunning waterfalls in which to cool down, as well as a Gibbon sanctuary where you can see the charismatic apes being prepared for release into the wild.

Although the eastern coast has little to offer in terms of a tropical beach paradise, there is still plenty to do. Phuket Town is located on the East coast and makes for an enjoyable day out for people that love to soak up the local culture and history. The mangrove swamps on the East coast offer yet another opportunity to get closer to nature as kayaking trips take you through some stunning natural sights and bring you up close to the flora and fauna that calls the area home.

Because Phuket is easy to get around, you should not miss out on the opportunity to explore as much as possible. Hotels, information centres and shops will have easy to use maps that will let you know where places of interest can be found.  


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