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Sala Phuket Resort

For many of us the ideal holiday will mean being in a beautiful location with nobody else around for miles, being able to walk along a pristine beach with the family and barely seeing another soul, almost as though you were stranded on a desert island far away from civilisation. Such a dream may sound unrealistic but thanks to the Sala Phuket Resort, the dream can come true. Located on Phuket’s almost deserted Mai Khao Beach, you will find yourself in a place that is the very definition of the term ‘peace and quiet’. If you are looking for peace and quiet and the opportunity to get far away from the rat race, the Sala Phuket Resort is the place to be.

The resort itself consists of 79 villas, 63 of which have their own private pools. All rooms are well equipped with all that you could need, and the furnishings are made with your complete comfort in mind. Once in your villa you have complete privacy and can even use the outdoor bathrooms in complete confidence that you are alone. With the Sala Phuket Resort, it can be easy to forget about the rest of the human race altogether.

You can choose to spend the days lazing around your own private pool, take idle strolls along the long tropical beach or have some fun in one of the resort’s 3 main beach front pools. For those that like to keep in good shape there is a fully equipped gym for you to use at your leisure or if you feel like being spoilt rotten for the day, the luxurious spa will pamper you all day long. Bookworms can choose a book from our library with which to relax while topping up your tan, or to keep you company on a rainy day. If you have any business matters that need tying up then you can use our business centre and our secretarial services will help you with some of the tasks you need to get done.

Food lovers are in for a treat with world class cuisine that will delight even the most hard to please culinary critics. Not only is the food delectable but you will also find yourself surrounded in sumptuous surroundings fit for royalty and waited on by attentive and friendly staff. The rooftop restaurant offers beautiful views of the beach and you can gaze up into the sky at night. You can enjoy a well-earned drink at the lobby bar; otherwise you could get some alcoholic refreshments on the beach at our beach bar.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, and you have remembered that there is civilisation to be found elsewhere, you could arrange a trip to experience what else the island of Phuket has to offer. The Sala Phuket Resort is glad to offer a range of activities so guests can make the most of what the island has to offer.

If you would like a break that will genuinely help to make you feel relaxed and ready for whatever lies ahead in the future, the Sala Phuket Resort is hard to beat.  


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