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Simon Cabaret

Thailand is a country that is renowned for its warm welcome and guests will be greeted with smiles as soon as they arrive. The Thai people are very fun loving and look to have a good time at any opportunity so your stay will surely be one to remember. As such, you can expect Phuket to have plenty to keep the visitor entertained throughout the day and once the sun has set for the evening. Once the sun has gone down many people will head for the night spots to enjoy fine meals and to drink until they can drink no more.

Night entertainment in Phuket is more than just about food and drink, however, as at the Simon Cabaret you will experience a show that is a delight to the senses. As a celebration of performing arts from across the world the audience will be treated to a truly international spectacle. With many acts represented from across the world and across different eras, the Simon Cabaret Phuket presents an eclectic extravaganza for the whole family to enjoy. For another twist to an already enthralling display of music and dance, the audience may be amazed to hear that the wonderful ladies on stage are not actually ladies after all. The show is performed by great looking transvestites that many people may simply refuse to believe are not real women.

The show is full of colours with the performers wearing fantastic costumes displaying every colour in the spectrum. The set designs are themselves something that will amaze the audience with the latest in audio and visual equipment helping to enhance the experience for the audience. The theatre itself is well appointed and guests will be kept as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of the show.

If you are staying in Phuket then the chances are you have already spent some time on the beach and as much fun as the spicy nightlife may be, you may feel at one point like something a bit different. Families with children are also likely to find the nightlife inappropriate and may be looking for something a little bit different to do instead. If you are looking for something different to do once the sun has gone down, then the Simon Cabaret could be just what you are looking for. With such an extravaganza of preforming arts with shows that are full of fun and colour, anybody will be delighted they decided to see just what the Simon Cabaret is all about. http://scams.uadreams.com/scam-news/

The show is shown three times daily to allow everybody to take in the spectacle, with shows starting at 6.00PM, 7.45PM and 9.30PM. Guests can choose between regular seats toward the back of the theatre, or VIP seat that allow for a better view of the show. A regular seat will cost 700 baht and a VIP seat costing 800 baht, with prices for children at 500 baht and 600 baht respectively. Because the shows can become full to capacity, especially during peak season, it is advisable to book well in advance whenever possible.


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