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Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi

The most beautiful sights, sounds and smells in the world are bought to us by Mother Nature and the Six Senses Hideaway at Yao Noi takes us into the heart of Mother Nature’s best. The island of Yao Noi is located in Thailand’s Phang Na Bay, considered by many to be Thailand’s most beautiful natural destination, which is quite some accolade from a country that has so many stunning natural sights to discover. The elevated villas at the Six Senses Hideaway offer outstanding views of the amazing Phang Na Bay Thailand that few other people are fortunate enough to witness. Set deep in thick, verdant green tropical jungle, any stay at the Six Senses Hideaway will be a treat to your visual senses as you take in your surroundings in amazement.

The staff and facilities at the Six Senses Hideaway are all focused on catering to your every whim and making you feel special. Your own guest experience maker will be on hand to make your stay an experience you will never forget. Private pools allow you to relax while soaking up some rays, or cool down under the sun and outdoor daybeds mean you get to make the most of luxurious comfort and unbelievable weather. For many guests, to stay inside would be a waste of such an incredible natural location, in which they can convert the day beds so they can sleep under the stars at night.

Inside your villa nothing has been compromised to provide with all the comfort you could hope for. All beds and furnishings are the best that money could buy, making for a good night’s sleep that leaves you feel revitalised in the morning. With the best in entertainment systems you can decide to spend and evening doing nothing but watching TV. Otherwise, you could make the most of the wine cabinet and share a bottle or two with that special somebody on the balcony overlooking the best that Mother Nature has to offer. If you feel as though you would rather be in the company of a good book, the comfortable library is a great way to relax and lose yourself in one of the many titles available.

Dining at the Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi also offers a treat to your visual senses as the resort’s several bars and restaurants are also located amid some stunning scenery. Guests will be treated not only with their eyes but also with their taste buds as they are spoilt with world class cuisine with dished from across the world.

No stay at the Six Senses Hideaway is complete without making the most of the spa which will get you feeling as though you are ready to take on the world. With a range of different treatments you will be left feeling great, looking great, or both.

Set deep in natural surroundings you will expect any stay at the Six Sense Hideaway Yao Noi to be one that will amaze your eyes and you will not be disappointed. You will also find yourself treated like royalty and taken on a journey of sensory exploration.  


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