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Soi Bangla

Sun, sea, sand, culture, food, arts and a warm welcome are all things that bring tourists back to Thailand time and time in their droves. Resorts all across the country are busy all year round with many people headed to the beach to top up their tans and witness such beautiful natural sights that you may pinch yourself to confirm that you are not dreaming. With accommodation available that caters to people from all walks of life, anybody can have a fantastic time in Thailand and young and old alike make the country their number one choice to go on holiday. With so much to see and do already, you may be forgiven for thinking that nothing has been forgotten but there is another reason that people come to Thailand in numbers, and that reason is the spicy nightlife that can be found throughout the country. Phuket is no exception to the rule and Soi Bangla at Phuket’s Patong beach will satiate the thirst for a good time of even the biggest party goers.

Soi Bangla is a street in Patong, one end of which is just metres from the beach. By day it is home to restaurants and cafes selling food and drinks to weary and hungry holiday makers, and shops selling all the supplies you need. Soi Bangla is relatively sleepy by the day time and you may be forgiven for thinking it doesn’t have much to offer. Wait till the sun goes down however and you will see that the street really comes to life.

By night time, Soi Bangla transforms into a nightspot with the streets lined either side by bars and pubs with bright lights and loud music. The drinks are plentiful and they are also very affordable meaning that you can drink to your heart’s content, or until your body decides that it is time to go back to your hotel. In keeping with Thailand’s reputation as country that welcomes tourists, all of the bars are full with ladies that are eager to welcome you in and show you a good time. With their good humour and sense of fun, the bar girls can be a lot of fun and the bars also have games to play just in case you should be looking for something to keep you occupied.

Once the sun has gone down, visitors from all over Phuket come to Soi Bangla to let their hair down and drink until they can drink no more. As well as the place to be for anybody that is looking for a great night out, Soi Bangla is also the place to find many great shopping opportunities with stalls selling local arts and crafts and international products at prices you won’t find at home. Soi Bangla is also conveniently located for access so there should be little difficulty getting there, and back again on the evening.

Most people headed to Phuket Thailand will be attracted largely by the fantastic beaches and local culture, although there is plenty to keep the hedonist happy as well. If you are looking to have a few drinks and let your hair down at night, Soi Bangla will have all that you need. 


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