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The Racha

Ask anybody what they would choose as a holiday destination if they could choose from anything they like and the chances are they would say a beautiful tropical paradise island. An island with lush tropical forests, white sandy beaches, crystal clear warm waters and glorious weather is something that some people can only dream of, and Racha Island helps those dreams come true. Located South of Phuket Island, Racha Island is a dream holiday destination will leave you agape as you witness the beauty it has to offer. Just as beautiful and alluring as the island itself, The Racha Phuket allows visitors to the tropical paradise to stay in the lap of luxury.

As well as a haven to sun seekers that dream of laying on the amazing beaches, Racha island is also hugely popular among scuba divers that flock to see for themselves Mother Nature’s work beneath the waves. The waters are so astonishingly clear that visibility is excellent and the coral reefs make homes for a plethora of marine species with every colour that you could possibly imagine. If diving beneath the waves is too adventurous for you then why not simply float along the top with some snorkeling gear instead. With such incredible sights to be seen below, it could feel as though a show is being put on just for you.

The Racha Phuket consists of 85 villas and aims to cater to guests’ every need. The luxuriously appointed villas have private terraces that overlook the amazing bay, offering a feast for your senses with images that will remain with you forever. If you are looking to experience the finest luxury possible, try the lighthouse villa with all you can imagine plus a 360 degree view of Racha Island. With its observation deck with an unhindered view of one of the world’s most beautiful sights, it is hard to think of a better way to spend the evening with good company and a bottle of wine or two.

Surrounded by Mother Nature, it is fitting that the environment should be taken care of and The Racha Phuket is dedicated to being as kind to the environment as possible. The Resort was built with the minimal disturbance of the landscape and environment in mind and in cases where chopping down a tree has been unavoidable, two more have been planted to replace it. The rooms have been designed to be as efficient as they can be to reduce the strain on the environment as much as possible. The Racha Phuket also actively helps to keep the local environment in good condition by helping to clean the beach and keep pollution in the area to a minimum.

If you are a lover of tropical paradises, would love the opportunity to get up close to a magical marine world and stay in absolute luxury, The Racha Phuket is the place for you. With stunning views and close proximity to nature in a glorious climate, the Racha Phuket will truly offer you and your family the holiday of a lifetime. 


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