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As you would expect from a tropical island, there is plenty of seafood on the menu. The day’s catch will often include lobster, crab, sea bass, grouper, squid, oyster and many other delicious seafood items.

Phuket restaurants will have seafood menus serving dishes from across the world although Thai seafood dishes are something that make for a truly magnificent meal. What’s more is that Thai food on Phuket has been influenced great by the island’s history and as a result dishes have been developed that are unique to Phuket. The Malay influence in particular has helped to shape Thai dishes and should be tried if you are looking for something you will find nowhere else.

If you have already sampled Thai dishes and feel as though you would like to try something from elsewhere in the world then you could choose a dish from just about anywhere else in the world. Malay, Indian, Chinese and Japanese dishes are also very prevalent here so you can make your eating out a truly international affair.

If you are not so daring and would prefer to eat meals that you are more familiar with you should have no difficulty in finding what you want. Pubs and restaurants throughout the region will serve dishes from around Europe and the rest of the world so if you are looking for a pizza, a sunday roast or even just fish and chips you will never have to look far. If you are in a hurry then you will find fast food restaurants that will serve you up something to help keep you going through the day. Hotels will also have international menus so you will never need to look too far for a meal.

Food prices on Phuket are very affordable meaning you don’t have to spend a lot on food if you don’t wish to. Alternatively, you could treat yourself to some of the finest meals you are every likely to experience. From street stall selling tasty morsels at amazingly low prices to five star luxury restaurants serving dishes fit for royalty, Phuket always has something that is ideal for any palate.

Suay Restaurant

Suay restaurant combines an elegant looking decor with Original Thai food with a modern twist. The restaurant located in Phuket Town creates its own oasis away…

Location: Phuket Town
Prices from: 150 THB Till: THB

WeLovePhuket Recomended

Brush Restaurant

Being owned by a designer and decorator one thing you would expect is an abundance of creative decor and scenery at this restaurant and it’s Australian owner …

Location: Kamla Beach - Phuket
Prices from: 0 THB Till: 250 Baht THB

WeLovePhuket Recomended

Mom Tri's Kitchen

Exceptional cuisine with even more so exceptional views over Kata Beach. The award winning restaurant serves International and Thai cuisine from 7am til 11.30pm…

Location: Kata beach - Phuket
Prices from: 230 THB Till: 1650 THB

Chez Ratatouille

Open everyday between 7:30am - 11pm the French owned Chez Ratatouille serves a sumptuous selction of Thai cuisine.

Location: Kamala - Phuket
Prices from: 50 THB Till: 300 THB

2Gether Restaurant

The swedish owned restaurant serves breakfast buffets from 8am and great Pizzas, Pastas, Steaks and Thai favourites til Midnight each day.

Location: Karon - Phuket
Prices from: 80 THB Till: 350 THB

Oh La La Restaurant

Delicious Thai, French and western dishes at even more delicious prices make Oh La La Restaurant a definite must.

Location: Kamala - Phuket
Prices from: 60 THB Till: 500 THB

The Siam Supper Club

A chic bar and grill restaurant serving a range of fine Thai dishes, pizzas, pastas and meat dishes.

Location: Thalang - Phuket
Prices from: 80 THB Till: 1000 THB