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Once the sun goes down and visitors to Phuket are no longer lazing on the beach, enjoying water activities or going on tours they take to the streets to find what there is to do. This means it is now the ideal time for traders to open up and begin selling their goods because they now have the attention of potential shoppers.

In the evenings, people staying in resorts all over Phuket flock to Patong not only for the bustling nightlife but also the great shopping that is to be had. Night-time sees the streets of Patong lined with stalls selling anything under the sun from electrical goods and high street fashions to locally made trinkets. Shoppers can spend all night shopping if they wish, making Phuket a paradise not only for its tropical beaches and crystal clear waters.

The night stalls are not the only shopping opportunities however, and there is plenty more to spend your money on. You will find shopping malls that sell localised goods you may not find at home and at very affordable prices, in addition to boutique shops selling unique fashion items that will add something a bit different to your wardrobe. Local craftsmen have made a multitude of unique trinkets that your loved ones back home will enjoy. Whether they are trinkets that can be used in the kitchen, ornaments for the home or something just for fun, you will find plenty of things that will catch your eye.

With Phuket and Thailand in general once being a major hub of the precious gem industry, there are still great deals to be found on gems and jewellery in the jewellery shops found on the island. Remember also that duty free shopping will allow you to take home some items that might otherwise cost you a great deal of money back home and Phuket international airport has duty free shops selling luxurious goods for you to browse through.

Whether you are looking for general goods at a much lower price than you will find at home, or something unique and original that you will not find anywhere else, Phuket has an endless array of shopping options to enjoy.